Why LVMH is rebuilding Notre-Dame

After the calamitous fire of April 15th, French luxury conglomerates LVMH and Kering pledged €300 million towards its reconstruction. Some people think this is an improper use of wealth, that this money would have been better spent on other charitable causes, and that this whole exercise betrays the intrinsic corruption of the wealthy. Hogwash

Article in two parts: first, why this is the best use of money from luxury groups. Second, why critics who say that the money would have been better spent on other charitable causes are wrong.

Luxury brands, like religions, are building modern cathedrals.

Jean Nöel-Kapferer, The Luxury Strategy

The masons of various Romanesque churches depicted the virtues and vices, frequently as opposed pairs; the great cathedrals of Notre-Dame Paris, Chartres and Auxerre all pair luxury and chastity. In the rose window of Notre-Dame, luxury is represented as a woman titivating herself in front of a mirror.

—Christopher Berry, The Idea of Luxury

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